300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

  • Eva Green is flawless as the villain, unquestionably the highlight of the movie
  • The essence of Artemisia is strong and fierce, a more than worthy opponent
  • The slow motion action scenes are still entertaining/fresh, very fun to watch
  • Beautiful choreography/action scenes
  • Just like the first film, this movie really sparks your interest in the real events they are based on

  • Themistocles is no substitute for King Leonidas....not even close
  • Naval battles just are not all that thrilling, which is what the vast majority of the movie is
  • Not nearly as quotable as the first (something that made the first film entertaining)
  • Supporting cast is almost non-existent
  • The first film had a few comedic/funny moments, this movie hardly has any unfortunately
  • Ultimately overshadowed by its far superior predecessor
  • Riding a horse during a sea battle, jumping from ship to ship via the water.........REALLY?!
  • Spartans>Greeks
  • Instantly forgettable

Score: 5/10

Another completely unnecessary sequel done by Hollywood, milking a great movie for nothing else other than money. Without Eva Green, Rise of an Empire would have been a bloody mess (literally and figuratively). There is not much to say about the story as it continues the battles of the Greeks and Persians, it feels like there is nothing new here, only the executives rehashing the same story and offering nothing new in the process. But what it actually does offer that is new, sea battles, they just aren't nearly as exciting as they want them to be. Crashing ships, strategic placement, outflanking on the water, all of this is something that hardly ever gets done, and for good reason, it's not exciting in the least. In the end 300: Rise of an Empire adds nothing new to the now 300 series, without the jacked, testosterone-fueled Spartans, the movie just isn't all that exciting. In the end, the 5/10 score is probably on the more lenient side, Rise of an Empire is instantly forgettable.
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