Big Bad Wolves (2013)

"....filled their bodies with candy"
  • The actors do a wonderful job, especially the father of the murdered daughter
  • Cringe-worthy toenail scenes
  • Blowtorch scene aka the 'fire test' would just flat out be the worst thing imaginable
  • 1st and 3rd acts are fantastic (the first giving us some details and set up and the 3rd featuring our main characters desperation)
  • The design of the basement and stairwell are terrifying and effectively creepy
  • Chilling ending, with a nice revelation (it's not ambiguous, so don't worry about that)
  • Great cinematography, low angle and behind the back shots add unexpected intensity
  • The opening 4 minutes definitely suck the viewer in with its creepiness
  • "Maniacs are afraid of maniacs"
  • I loved the camera tracking behind characters as they walked through the labyrinth of a basement
  • The way he kills the girls.....bone-chilling (no need for a visual, your imagination is all you need)
  • How far should a father go? How far would you go? How far would you allow it to go?
  • Quentin Tarantino's' favorite movie of 2013 (probably in my top 10 of the year)

  • Slightly slower pace than expected, loses a bit of momentum, mostly in the 2nd act
  • Few predictable moments, especially the identity of the real serial killer if you think about it during the movie
  • Overall, not as compelling as it wants to be, the thrills are there, but they aren't constant
  • A few too many interruptions during the torture scenes, the first time its funny, but then it grows tiresome
  • I wish they would have elaborated on why the father thought that man was the killer in his eyes (they never explain why he think's this)
  • Some of the jokes don't hit their marks

Score: 7/10

Though Quentin Tarantino might have been exaggerating the movie a bit by calling it the best movie of 2013, Big Bad Wolves would probably land somewhere in the top 10-15. The movie has both violence/gore, but what really hits home is the psychological terror. The slow details, revealings of the routine the murder takes to kill the children and the growing tension between the captive and captor. I enjoyed the amount of thought that had to go into the movie about where you stood as a viewer, whose side you were on. But then again, the movie does not give us near enough clues to make it truly captivating, instead we are given just about nothing from the director and everything is left up in the air from there. Rather than having the characters talking so much among each other, they could have thrown in their reasons for their accusations or something along those lines. The excitement is present, but it could have been thrown to a higher level with added details of the killings. Outside of that complaint, the movie is a fun ride, worthy of your viewing if you enjoy mystery movies though it might be a tad more drama than a thriller. While Big Bad Wolves doesn't reinvent its genre, it does stand tall with its amazing cinematography and dark humor.

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