Martyrs (2008)

  • One of the most brutal and extreme horror movies ever made
  • This is the type of movie that challenges you as a viewer and lingers on your mind after the credits roll
  • The twist halfway through is profound, it's like opening Pandora's Box
  • One of the best French horror movies out there (second only to Inside)
  • No matter how extreme it is, you cannot take your eyes off the screen, it's impossible
  • Very interesting and unique narrative, a film you will without a doubt not forget anytime soon 
  • .....She should have left the house....
  • There is about a 20 minute gap where no words or dialogue are spoken, where the brutality of the movie speaks but it isn't until the words that break the silence that the movie transcends
  • The projections aspect is a very interesting & clever idea
  • The first half of the film focuses heavily on the violence aspect, but it isn't until the second half of the film that you see the reasoning
  • The graphics are extremely well done and realistic (this easily could have ruined the movie, given how much the movie relies on them)
  • Go into this movie cold, do not look into this movie prior to seeing it (this review is about as much information as you need)
  • Easily a top ten horror movie of the past 25 years and extremely memorable!

  • There is some shaky cam throughout the movie unfortunately
  • The woman who breaks her ankle makes it seem like she was shot in the leg and left completely helpless
  • An American remake has already been filmed (the writers even said they want to end 'with a glimmer of hope')

Score: 9/10

One of the most extreme and controversial horror movies out there, Martyrs is extremely graphic, but also extremely unique and not without a purpose. The first half of the film is very different from the second half of the film, but both of them together create a vivid experience. The first half of the movie shoves gore and violence down our mouths without a solid reason, it may seem extremely excessive, but once we learn of the true natural of the film, everything seems justifiable. The violence shown in the first half of the movie is more bloody and in your face at the beginning of the movie, but the violence in the second half is more harrowing and raw, and far more impactful. It's subtle changes like this from the first half of the movie to the second half that makes the movie brilliant. The whole time watching the brutality of the events unfolding in the beginning, forces you to wonder what the hell happened to her as a child. What possible reason could force someone to cause this sort of rampage?

That's the brilliance of Martyrs, it keeps you wondering the entire run time, just when one door closes, a new door opens (literally). Even though the movie is very extreme and brutal, you can never take your eyes off the screen because the story unfolds in a very unpredictable manner that you never know what is going to happen next. And as for the notorious ending, it's one of the best aspects of the movie, the final minutes leaves you with a powerful, thought provoking conclusion. Sure to keep horror fans talking for ages, Martyrs ends on a very cryptic, yet satisfying note. Probably not most peoples taste, this is a movie that warps the horror genre and pushes the envelop. And if the movie sounds too dark and depressing for you, keep doubting.....

(If you do decided to watch a trailer for this (I recommend going in cold), this one is the least spoilery)