Cheap Thrills (2013)

  • All three male actors do an excellent job, especially Pat Healy
  • A very effective dark comedy, one of the best of recent memory
  • Can sense the growing tension between the two friends and the
  • Offers some odd, yet funny dialogue, mostly delivered in the style of deadpan which totally works
  • Increasingly difficult challenges, growing more sinister than the last
  • Final shot of the film gives a lasting impression
  • Interesting to see how money corrupts and manipulates us.....very thought provoking message
  • The pinky scene is the highlight of the movie
  • The overall plot is nice and grounded without going too over the top (like the inferior 13 Sins)
  • Type of movie that puts the viewer in the characters shoes and challenges us
  • Overall dark tone of the film grows darker and darker, moving away from its comedic tones and into something much sinister
  • Would you cut off your pinky for money??
  • Might be the best movie you haven't seen this year

  • Falls victim to some ‘gross-out’ challenges for added shock value and kind of ruin the moment
  • Certain challenges tip the film into the ‘silly’ category
  • The trailer gives away far too much of the film
  • The movie could have used a few more challenges since some of them are a tad lame

Score: 8/10
A dark movie with a unique plot (one that perhaps is a growing trend in recent movies, money exploitation). The best thing about Cheap Thrills, is how it keeps the task simple with a more 'real' feeling to it, versus something completely ridiculous and over the top. This way the movie really engages us to think how we would handle the task ourselves, would we really cut off our pinkey finger for $25,000? It's situations like this that the movie thrives, it exploits our society as movie hungry savages, who are willing to do anything for a few bucks. The movie has a pretty clear message, which is great, but it is also shot in a more 'laid back' style, giving the opportunity for some dark humor to pop up quite often. The only true fault the movie has is it eventually leans toward some gross out gags ,for added shock value, towards the end of the movie unfortunately. Which completely messes with what I loved most about the film, keeping the tasks 'simple and realistic'. But overall, Cheap Thrills is a fun ride while it lasts, which has quite a few surprises along the way, another solid low budget thriller!

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  1. This movie was pretty dumb. Ending sucked.


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