Confession of Murder (2012)

  • A very distinctive premise, statute of limitations for a murder case (something the US doesn't have)
  • Edge of your seat opening scene
  • Sense of mystery never loses momentum, it only grows stronger
  • Plenty of plot twists to help keep the story moving in the right direction
  • Tension remains quite high as well as the overall sense of mystery
  • The final sit down between the three characters is heart pounding (highlight of the movie of course)
  • Persona of the serial killer does a great job establishing a strong hatred of, based on his insolence and smugness 

  • The chase scenes are absurd! Completely takes you out of the moment with how over the top they are
  • The storyline revolving around the parents seems uneven and out of place
  • Certain scenes meant to be funny, just simply are not
  • Too many goofy/oddball moments that force the overall tone of the movie into an ever changing limbo

Score: 7/10

A good South Korean thriller with a fantastic premise, but ultimately brought down by its over-the-top action sequences. It's really too bad the director though the movie needed more 'action scenes', when the suspense and storyline provide more than ample amount of excitement! There is genuine excitement in the movie, who is lying, who is telling the truth, and who is behind the murders, but the execution of this brilliant story is the downside to the movie. Confession would have greatly benefited from a more serious and dark tone, something that would pack a punch to the audience during the climax of the film. But outside of the spotty action sequences (which totally ruin the moment) there is plenty of tension and excitement to be found. You never know until the final act of the movie who to really trust and who is playing who. This deception is what drives the movie, as well as the general premise of someone cashing in on their exploits of a crime, especially murder. It's this general idea that is so fascinating, especially since the United States has no statute of limitations on murder, this provides a fresh and engrossing narrative.

South Korea is proving to be one of the most exciting filmmakers in the world, but this entry just barely scratches the surface of what they have to offer. There are far more exciting and well put together South Korean movies out there, particularly, Oldboy, Memories of Murder, Mother, I Saw The Devil, and quite a bit more.