District 9 (2009)

  • High emotional connection even though it's an alien movie and not solely focusing on human characters, more so the aliens
  • Alien design is unique and vibrant.....and kind of gross
  • Nice seeing the aliens are already established, rather than showing their arrival and wasting time with the usual origin story
  • Biological weaponry = brilliant idea
  • Villain is truly diabolical, including the entire MNU task force
  • Very sad to see how the government treats the mislocated aliens
  • Social & political commentary
  • Tight and unique writing, hardly a single scene is wasted
  • Mockumentary type story telling really works
  • The baby alien is surprisingly cute and sympathetic
  • Builds to a wonderful climax 
  • Overall a very gripping sci-fi thriller, one of the very best in its genre and certainly one of the greatest sci-fi movies in decades
  • One of the few alien/monster movies where you are truly rooting for the alien!
  • This is destined to become a Sci-Fi classic!

  • Why is the main character such an asshole, he's  really hard to root for
  • Overall a depressing movie (not a real con because it's so effective)

Score: 9/10

Easily one of the most unique and interesting science fiction movies of the past 25 years. The movie doesn't follow convention by having the aliens tried to invade Earth, but rather portrays the aliens trying the leave Earth. What makes it most impressive is that it truly makes you care about the aliens and makes Earth and its inhabitants look like the ones who are savages.

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