Drive (2011)

  • Ryan Gosling and Carey Mulligan are amazing together, fantastic chemistry with one another
  • The opening heist scene with 'Tick of the Clock' playing in the background is simply brilliant, it's exhilarating
  • One of the best soundtracks of all time, this is where the movie stands out
  • Cinematography is exquisite. Multiple stand out scenes
  • Something as simple as the lighting stands out on multiple occasions, especially the slow motion hallway walk scene
  • "I don't carry a gun......I drive"
  • Brilliant style created by Refn (An up and coming director)
  • Simple yet very effective story-line, it's grounded, yet elaborate enough to be thrilling
  • The Driver is both charismatic and terrifying, we only know what we need to know about him, nothing more, nothing less
  • Easily Ryan Gosling's best film, as well as his best role to date (I don't see him ever topping this)
  • Bryan Cranston!
  • Refn is in complete control of the movie, he knows how to keep the movie a strong drama, but with just enough violence and action to make it totally thrilling
  • Saving the bullet and its meaning as a metaphor
  • The elevator scene is both beautiful and brutal, one of the best scenes of the year
  • Very few lines from The Driver adds to his mysterious persona, something that works extremely well and oddly enough gives him some depth
  • Very memorable final scene!
  • This is one of my favorite movies of all time
  • Refn's followup film Only God Forgives is extremely disappointing

Score: 10/10

This is a personal top ten movie of all time, Drive is a movie of style and it's fantastic, a must see! Every technical aspect is brilliant, lighting, editing, score, acting, it is all brilliant to say the least. The director doesn't force the action, he lets it unfold slowly and it couldn't be more exciting.

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  1. Thank you! Someone else that shares the same love for this movie. The scene where he takes the bullet from the boy... perfect.

    1. This is a top 10 movie of all time for me! Ryan Gosling is perfect in this. Glad you like it too, not many people did!


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