Dumb and Dumber (1994)

  • Probably the most quoted movie of all time (And for good reason!)
  • Jim Carrey at the top of his game, his antics and line delivery are great
  • Too many one-liners to count and plenty of standout scenes
  • The more you watch the movie, the more you will uncover jokes you had previously missed
  • Just hilarious watching how oblivious and stupid they really are
  • Their cluelessness adds to the fun of the adventure, they make every moment, no matter how mundane, exciting and hilarious
  • A movie you can watch over and over and still enjoy
  • Ever-changing landscape is interesting and adds new situational humor
  • A great buddy film, together they are just about perfect
  • Going from a disgustingly ugly 'sheepdog' van to an extremely tiny moped, which they drive right into Colorado mid-winter
  • The movie has a surprisingly good/upbeat soundtrack
  • "Big gulps huh, alright..........welp see ya later!"
  • On a side note, Eric Christian Olsen (Lloyd in the prequel, when to my high school)

  • The prequel is unbearable....like REALLY bad! 
  • I still have yet to figure out why that one lady was just following them around as an undercover cop
  • The sequel, Dumb and Dumber: To is unbearable as well, terrible idea to make a sequel 20 years later

Score: 10/10

One of the greatest comedies of all time, Jim Carrey takes comedy to new heights in 1994's Dumb & Dumber. Endlessly quotable, gut-busting hilarious, Dumb & Dumber will stand the test of time and go down as one of the best comedies of all time! I cannot think of a single gag/joke that I don't laugh at, every single joke hits its mark and they're hilarious, not to mention the more subtle jokes that you may miss. The brilliance comes from the two main characters being extremely likable (which the sequel ruins) and puts them in situations where they make the silliest choices. Even simple tasks, such as getting 'supplies', skiing, buying a tuxedo, are all taken to great comedy heights, this is why the movie works.

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