Evil Dead (2013)

  • Practical effects are amazing, some of the best in recent memory (nice to see the director follow in the originals footsteps and not use CGI)
  • So...much...blood
  • The shower scene/mutilation scene looks very real and terrifying
  • Gruesome, gore effects (how can you not be impressed by this?!)
  • Join Us! (this quote, from the original, can be heard very quietly as the Jeep is pulling up to the cabin at the beginning of the film)
  • The Book of the Dead looks foreboding (wrapped in a black bag, surrounded by barbed wire)
  • Some nice callbacks to the original films (something horror fans always love, especially me)
  • 3rd act gets wild and out of control (in a good way)
  • Multiple cringe-worthy moments, specifically the machete through the top of the thigh
  • The 'hippie' character gets absolutely destroyed by the demons, multiple times and it's hilarious in a dark and twisted way
  • I loved the fact that he tries to clean up the basement, removing a few dead cats.....like that would really help the smell

  • Mia is no substitute for Ash, that's for damn sure (she is a survivor, not a hero unlike Ash)
  • The 'abomination' gets taken out pretty quickly after all that build up
  • The sound effects the 'demons' make are terrible & corny, especially the abomination saying 'Miaaaa' (eye rolling bad)
  • Another completely unnecessary remake/reboot (especially of a classic movie like The Evil Dead)
  • No comedic tones like the original (which is what made Raimi's films so memorable), the movie wanted to be taken more seriously, and that's its downfall
  • Not as hectic as the original, hectic as in bizarre and wildly unpredictable, this movie has just going for a more serious, violent approach

Score: 6/10

Though Evil Dead has plenty of faults (the sounds the demons make are super lame), it is still one of the better remake/reboots out there (not sure if it's a reboot, considering that means it's becoming a series or spawning more sequels). The practical effects are fantastic and very brutal, they save the film from being another dismissive horror, gore-porn. But the movie doesn't feature any strong characters (like Ash from the original), it does its best to try and make Mia a formidable heroine (still doesn't work, however). That might be a problem with the movie right there, all the characters are quite bland.

But perhaps its biggest downfall is that the movie goes for a more strictly horror approach instead of balancing the tone of the film between horror and comedy. The approach was clearly meant to be a more serious tone, but even that serious tone felt of quilter, maybe the movie would have benefited from a joke or two? So if you are looking for a horror movie with gore and lots of blood, this will definitely do, but if you want a horror movie with an actual storyline and atmosphere.....steer clear of this. Evil Dead is another unnecessary Hollywood remake of a beloved cult classic which only tarnishes the original's reputation!