Finding Nemo (2003)

  • CGI is beautiful, especially the use of colors and the design of the ocean, looks very realistic
  • The camera work is very involving and adds to the intensity of certain scenes
  • Darla is terrifying (not to mention meeting her the first time playing the Psycho soundtrack)
  • Each character fits the story perfectly and is enjoyable
  • Plenty of great quotes used by numerous characters, each type of marine life has its own language and culture
  • Heartfelt storyline is captured perfectly, a love story at the core of the movie
  • Twisting conventions about sharks being meat eaters and now having them trying to become vegetarians
  • One of the best-animated movies of all time. Period.
  • Marlin brings a perfect balance of realism to the zany Dory, together they are a great duo
  • Pacing in the movie as right on point, each new obstacle is as exciting as the next
  • Splitting screen time between The Tank Gang and Marlin shows two completely different worlds
  • Memorable characters, so many fantastic characters, Crush (the sea turtle) being my favorite of the bunch
  • Very entertaining dialogue, mostly coming from the deadly serious Marlin and the oblivious Dory
  • Finding Dory is coming out in a few years!

Score: 10/10
Finding Nemo, is Pixar's crown jewel and one of the best animated movies of all time! They create an entire world under water, it looks beautiful, but it also captures the scarier things below the surface. Together, Dory and Marlin travel the Atlantic ocean in search for Nemo and along they way they run into some of the most bizarre characters imaginable! The audience is in the same position as Marlin, he is exploring the ocean for the first time, just like us as the audience, and it is intoxicating. The ocean to most people is a giant, wonderland full of mystery and you never know what you will run into, and Pixar takes full advantage of that as we meet a variety of characters. Along the way, we are given the treat of having some amazing comedy bits as characters cultures clash amongst one another. But even as we travel across the ocean and back, the core of the story never leaves us, it's a love story about a father and son and it is an emotional rollercoaster. They brilliantly take the most notorious fish movie, Jaws (which made the ocean seem terrifying), and turns it upside down, making the water now seem like a wonderful land full of amazing creatures. Finding Nemo is the epitome of Pixar's imagination and creative abilities, they have made an eternal classic here.

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