Godzilla (2014)

  • Trailer leaves out plenty of surprises from the film
  • EMP ability is captivating/interesting, glad to see it make human technology look vulnerable
  • Good use of explanation with the MUTO and radiation
  • Godzilla is HUGE!
  • First reveal of Godzilla is astounding
  • I enjoyed how every time Godzilla came on screen it was presented in a way that made him look massive and slowly revealed his size, rather than just cutting to him in full effect
  • Effective summer blockbuster that gets away from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which is overrated in my opinion)
  • Surprisingly large emotional impact in the opening scene
  • When there is humor, it's great, but it's scarce!
  • Godzilla as nature's way of balancing the equation, I liked how they didn't try to build up some elaborate story or focus too much on his origin, it's just accepted
  • Special effects are great as well as the lighting
  • Minimal use of Godzilla creates more enjoyment when he's on screen (this is where most people seemed to have a problem with the film)

  • Acting is certainly nothing to brag about here
  • No explanation of the nuclear bomb that goes off? Or about the aftermath or anything along those lines?
  • Too much of the MUTO (as in them traveling around from place to place)
  • 5 men carrying a nuclear bomb which probably ways well over a ton?
  • The movie focuses just a tad too much on the military aspects of the film versus Godzilla and the other monsters
  • Tracking/knowing their location of Godzilla and the MUTO takes away some suspense
  • LARGE amounts of time-lapse, just traveling across the United States at any moment
  • After the opening scene, the emotion impact diminishes and never really comes back, turns into a pure monster movie

Score: 7/10

A good monster movie, with too much time spent on a one-dimensional character and his quest to bring down the monsters. The main character is quite bland and, even though, the director wants him to be the focal point of the movie, he never can be since it's a movie about GODZILLA and that's what the people want. Obviously the main complaint with the movie is that there is too much down time and not enough smashing or screen time for Godzilla. I, however, beg to differ, there are plenty of scenes that involved the King of Monsters. Instead of putting him on the screen every second and becoming nothing more than a generic monster movie, I found that it was more exciting for him to remain hidden. He was sort of a last hope for the people and the slow build up of him fighting the MUTO totally worked at creating urgency and excitement. But, even though, the scenes with Godzilla are outstanding, there is too much time spent on the military trying to accomplish their goals, only to realizes that their faith lies in the hands of Godzilla. An above average monster movie, not to the heights of Super 8 (one of the best monster movies of the decade), but good enough that it deserves a watch.

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