Haze (2005)

  • The pipe scene is brutal and super cringe worthy
  • Claustrophobia couldn't be anymore more present in the film
  • Surreal atmosphere is rich and dense, very uncomfortable feeling
  • Tons of disturbing visuals (if you can see them!)
  • Only 48 minutes long (Can't complain about that)
  • The close-up cinematography works very well as it adds to the setting the main character is in
  • Simple yet effective dialogue adds to the mystery, not overly done, but not too scarce
  • Ending leaves room for interpretation (which, in this case, is a good thing)
  • Does a great job establishing hopelessness and loneliness
  • Far more effective than Ryan Reynolds' Buried
  • One of those movies that make you say 'What the hell just happened?'

  • Way too dark most of the time, you can hardly see anything, it lessens the impact at certain points (you'll need to watch the movie in a pitch black room)
  • Some might find it to be too abstract and not like the fact that the movie does not answer any questions (it's all interpretation)
  • Some camera work is faulty and shaky (which certainly does not help, given that the movie has damn near zero visibility)

Score: 8/10

Haze is one of those movies that makes you think before, during, and after you see the movie. A lot of interpretation goes into this movie, and that's a good thing, in a way it makes you question your thoughts on what was happening to him throughout the movie. Haze is a difficult movie to talk about without spoiling any of the details. But while watching the movie, it really makes you feel uncomfortable with its display of isolation and claustrophobia. 90% of the movie the main character is in some super uncomfortable position and you can totally feel it, he's completely helpless, barely able to move. But where is he going? Who put him there? Will he get out? All of these questions lead the a brilliant finale. Haze is a just as much a psychological thriller as it is physical horror. It is an interesting take on an age-old question, and one of the better interpretations in my eyes.