Inception (2010)

  • Leonardo DiCaprio nuff' said
  • One of the greatest Sci-Fi movies of the past 25 years, probably of all time
  • An extremely unique plot line, plenty of elements to keep you engrossed
  • Dream within a dream, within a dream!
  • Cobb's back-story is a nice touch of depth, but....
  • The gravitational shifts from other dream realms are brilliant
  • Stand out theme song, one of the best of recent memory, Hans Zimmer is a music God
  • All star cast, just about every character plays their part perfectly
  • Use of paradoxes couldn't be more intriguing (though I wish they had somehow used them more often)
  • Projections are scary, especially Mal, it seems like a very scary way to be killed
  • The idea that 'anything can happen' keeps the story exciting and unpredictable
  • Action sequences are exquisite and breathtaking, all of which look very real
  • The hallway fight scene! 
  • Complex story that messes with your head and keeps you thinking the entire time
  • The final scene!! Did his tote fall over? Was he still dreaming? Does it matter? Did Cobb not care anymore if he was dreaming or not?
  • You've probably heard a ton of hype from this's true, everything you have heard is true, it's awesome!
  • Has a high rewatchability rate, probably because it will take a few views to fully understand!

  • Ellen Paige is just okay..... plus her character is a walking cliche
  • Wouldn't forensics prove that Cobb didn't murder his wife, looking at fingerprints in both of the hotel rooms? Or security cameras? Witnesses?
  • A few more uses of paradoxes would have been cool
  • When the van is tumbling, how was not that strong enough to wake them up, aka act like a 'kick'?
  • Multiple scenes where the bad guys are POINT BLANK and still shoot and miss

Score: 9/10

It's easy to overlook a few logical errors and call Inception a Sci-Fi masterpiece (easily my favorite Christopher Nolan film)! The story is clever, the acting is fantastic, and the action is spectacular, Christopher Nolan gives us one of the most exciting movies in years. Every time they enter a new dream, it's like we are starting the whole movie and experience over again with a new world where anything can happen. And that is what makes the movie so enjoyable, it's very unpredictable, the 'fake reality' is unlike anything we've seen before.

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