Iron Man 3 (2013)

  • RDJ is still good, even as a damaged Tony, but his charm is slowly wearing off
  • Multiple Iron Man suits with new enhancements for assembling the suit on himself
  • Building technology on the go is always exciting to see
  • The graphics go without saying, the look beautiful of course
  • Nice to see the writers shy away from a villain trying to steal Tony's technology for once
  • An army of Iron Man suits
  • Tony paired with the kid is fun to watch, the banter between them which shows how childish Tony can be
  • Continues the plot after the events of The Avengers (thankfully it didn't ignore them too much, but....)
  • Still one of the more interesting Avenger characters (though the Hulk is still the best)
  • If you are a fan of comics, you are almost guaranteed to enjoy this entry

  • Mandarin twist is a major let down, they took a gamble and it completely backfires and feels like a huge 'cheat'
  • No real main villain or motive (Batman has had a strong and formidable foe for 3 straight movies, especially Bane and The Joker)
  • Tony Starks charm is finally wearing off.....
  • Better than Iron Man 2, but still not the heights of the first film
  • Giving up being Iron Man? Almost positive that he will backtrack on this decision
  • Unfortunately, Happy Hogan is hardly in the movie, his antics are always welcomed
  • Far too much focus on Pepper Potts, clearly trying to cash in on Gwyneth Paltrow's popularity
  • The movie lacks 'something' that pushes Ironman to the next level, whether it be a tie into the Avengers or a futuristic villain, something that keeps us eager to keep watching
  • Overall, another completely overrated movie from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Score: 5/10

The first movie released post-Avengers is nothing short of disappointing, even by Marvel standards. This is a standalone movie pure and simple, outside of it's final moments that show Tony giving up the suit, the movie treads in the same waters as previous marvel movies. The villain doesn't tie into the overall universe and again is another thrown away villain who I personally cannot remember his name or motive (what does that tell you about the movie). Of course there are certain pieces that still work, RDJ's antics and quips with the kid are funny and the CGI and Ironman suits are cool as hell, but The story seems the same in the end. The main focus is Tony, which is more or less a good thing, he is damaged goods after the events of New York, but two hours of self-doubting isn't exactly exciting. The filmmakers wanted to make it seem like the end of Iron Man, like he has given up and moved on, but there are like 5 more Marvel movies that feature Iron Man so it clearly loses all effect. Iron Man 3 is another completely over-hyped movie coming from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, only to be remembered as the entry where Tony 'apparently' gives up being Iron Man....

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