Maleficent (2014)

  • Angelina Jolie carries this movie
  • Provides a changed perspective to a beloved Disney classic
  • The graphics look pretty good
  • The 'evil' version of maleficent is far more enjoyable than the merciful and sympathetic version

  • Sleeping Beauty aka "Aurora" is over the top joyful
  • Maleficent power levels seem inconsistent
  • Why couldn't Maleficent just freeze Aurora for a day, to prevent her from pricking her finger?
  • The tonal shifts in the movie are all over the place
  • That was the weakest dragon I have ever seen
  • Completely back treads on the original material, fearing being 'too dark'
  • $180 million dollar budget wasted
  • The fairies try to be comical, but they come off at being extremely annoying
  • Tries to provide sympathy for the villain, but we all know the villain is....the villain
  • Most of the humor is a miss, too childish
  • The editing during the battle scenes is choppy and blurry
  • Too silly for the seriousness it wants to be had, basically the tone of the film is kind of all over the place
  • This is something I will never watch again, mostly because in the end, it has nothing to offer, and I would rather watch 'Sleeping Beauty'

Score: 3/10

The whole film feels very thin and a complete cop out on behalf of Disney trying to be overly friendly. It provides a nice look into the villain but then becomes overly friendly and childish to appease the audience. The tone of the movie was constantly fluctuating between being quite dark to sporadically silly (especially the over the top fairies). The thing that made the original such a great film was that 'Maleficent' in the original film was devilishly scary, she was an actual force to be reckoned with. If it were not for Angelina Jolie, this movie would have been a complete disaster!

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