Platoon (1986)

  • The Vietnam War was really scary because of how untraditional it was
  • Barnes vs Elias clashing leadership (which I'm sure was something that happened often during the war and how situations were handled)
  • Oliver Stone does a brilliant job establishing a sense of unease and suspense within 'the bush'
  • Bunny is a pure psychopath, just pure evil
  • Demonstrates segregation in the war
  • A great sense of compassion is established towards William Dafoe's Elise, unquestionably the hero of the movie
  • Gorilla warfare has never looked so terrifying, it's a brilliant and effective tactic, but damn is it scary
  • Final battle is terrifying because of how unprepared and chaotic things were
  • Heartbreaking village scene.....very sad to see how some soldiers treat locals, though its just a movie, you definitely have to imagine stuff like this happening all the time back then
  • The 'down time' scenes stand out and have a realistic feel to them
  • "We've been kicking other peoples asses for so long, I figured it's time we got ours kicked."
  • 1986 Best Picture winner

  • The intensity of the climactic battle is somewhat lower than expected (but on a side note, I'm glad it wasn't too over the top)
  • Special effects are sadly a bit dull

Score: 9/10

The one of the best movies based on the Vietnam War and one of my personal favorite war movies. The film focuses around a fresh recruit, who is only 18 years old and brings nothing but innocence with him into hell. The high points of the movie aren't the battle or action scenes, but rather the internal turmoil between the members of the platoon and their opinions on the war and its cause. Platoon never tries to show how the conflict started or how it ends, but shows us the lives of a group of men caught in the middle of hell.

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