Scream (1996)

  • The opening scene is legendary, it's absolutely brilliant!
  • The whole setting of Woodsboro has a real, small town vibe to it
  • Just as funny as it is scary, really captures the high school vibe and lifestyle
  • By far the best of the 'Scream Series' (Scream 4 was just flat out terrible)
  • One of the most parodied movies of all time (imitation is the founded form of flattery)
  • Soundtrack is fantastic and memorable
  • Multiple unforeseen twists, constantly keeping you guessing as to who is in on it and who isn't
  • Very meta and self-aware, which makes for some unique humor (it certainly started this trend that other horror movies would follow)
  • Lots of references to classic horror movies
  • Witty dialogue, plenty of which is extremely quotable and self-aware
  • And, of course, a fantastic, surprise ending that serves as one of the best the horror genre has to offer
  • The movie that really made you hesitate answering a phone call late at night while you were home alone
  • Fantastic 3rd Act, certainly no let downs here, only pure excitement and thrills
  • Great to see a bunch of 'kids' not taking the whole situation serious enough, throwing parties, breaking curfew, etc
  • "What's your favorite scary movie?"
  • Great job building tension and trepidation, the killer is everywhere and anywhere!
  • THE BEST HORROR MOVIE OF THE 1990s (This is also one of my favorite movies of all time)!

Score: 10/10

Wes Craven has created a horror movie masterpiece that is a benchmark in the genre, it also revived the horror genre from the dreadful 90s horror. Scream is a clever horror movie with plenty of scares and a phenomenal payoff, something you don't see these days in horror movies. It builds solid characters, who perfectly play to classic horror cliches, but with a strong tongue in cheek style thrown in for added amusement. Together, those characters are thrown into the small town of Woodsboro, a town that seems like a generic American town, where something like this could totally happen, a place where everybody knows everybody so it makes the whole situation far more intense and scary. Outside of the setting and characters, the dialogue stands out on many levels for being clever and very meta, obviously one of the high points of this movie. When all is said and done, Scream is one of the better 'whodunit' movies out there, a must see film! It is also one of my person favorite movies of all time!

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