Stake Land (2010)

  • One of my favorite vampire movies of all time, while it is light on the horror elements, the action, and unique story make up for that
  • Opening scene is dark and twisted, which completely sets the tone for the rest of the movie
  • Beautiful cinematography and production design
  • ......the baby in the beginning
  • Nice to see civilization trying to rebuild itself rather than staying in complete ruins
  • The barter system has a very 'real' feeling to it, something that actually makes sense during those times
  • Plenty of surprising twists
  • If you are a fan of 'The Walking Dead', this movie will probably supply you with a decent amount of excitement
  • Cannibalistic, religious cult
  • Santa Claus vampire (reminiscent of 'Zombieland's' clown zombie)
  • Two words....VAMPIRE BOMBS
  • Overall this is a low budget, indie film worthy of a watch from someone seeking a few good thrills

  • Rather cheesy/lame dialogue
  • Even most dystopian movies have some sort of goal or place needed to be reached, this movie doesn't seem to have an end game.
  • The ending doesn't make much sense, how did he become a super vampire? This literally came out of left field
  • Extremely short and sudden final battle between our survivors and the cult leader

Score: 8/10

A very raw post-apocalyptic vampire film, a hidden gem within the genre really. Reminiscent of Zombie Land, but without the comedy, I am actually one of the few people to actual prefer this to that. This movie focuses on the bond between an unknown hero and an orphaned teen, who band together and end up having to take on vampires, as well as a crazed, religious cult all at once.

The movie moves at a fast pace, stopping only a few times to gather supplies and then quickly moves along to the next obstacle in the way of the heroes. I enjoyed the fact that it tells you hardly anything about how the world came to be and how it doesn't talk about finding some type of cure, the characters are just moving along, trying to survive. The big downfall in the movie is without question the climax at the end of the movie, it really comes out of nowhere, it raises a ton of questions and then before you know it it's over. It is something that I can easily overlook though, considering the movie certainly doesn't take itself too seriously.

Stake Land is one of those horror movies that has no right being as good as it really is, it's nothing original, but it's put together very well and works on almost every level, which is sure to gain a cult following. If you are looking for something more along the lines of a popcorn movie, but with solid storyline, this is definitely the answer.

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