Star Trek (2009)

  • Powerful, heart-breaking opening scene, very moving and sad!
  • Production design is near perfect, has a serious 'future' feeling to it
  • Lens flair added style (something I know a lot of people did not like, but I did)
  • Entire cast, specifically Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Karl Urban are perfectly cast
  • Special effects galore, all of which look spectacular 
  • A unique story line, who doesn't like time travel
  • Spectacle of the highest degree
  • The humor stands out in a great way
  • One of the very few movies where the 'origin' story completely works on every level
  • Surprising emotional impact, even coming after its opening scene
  • Numb tongue!
  • Strong sound effects, something you pick up right away
  • Eric Bana does a great job as the villain (took me a while to recognize him)
  • Any scene with 'Bones' is pure comedy gold
  • Leonard Nimoy has a very nice role, a nice callback to the original series
  • A near perfect Sci-Fi movie, easily one of the best of modern aged movies!

  • Captain Kirk a little too arrogant
  • Spock shows too much emotion compared to his TV show character (something hardcore fans were not happy about)

Score: 9/10

This movie did something absolutely amazing and made Star Trek cool! The movie has so much energy and excitement flowing through its veins, Abrams has created one of the best sci-fi movies of the past 25 years! Star Trek is everything you could want in a blockbuster, a smart and clever story with strong characters and outstanding visual effects to top it off.

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