Suspiria (1977)

  • Very bizarre theme song, something you will never forget
  • Iconic opening scene, beautifully creepy, it sets the tone for the movie
  • Argento's surreal style, a very dream-like quality
  • Vibrant coloring/lighting, great to look at (It's basically what the movie is known for)
  • Overall very creepy tone, once night comes the entire dance hall completely transforms into something eerily sinister
  • A movie that builds a strong atmosphere, not necessarily scary but definitely creepy
  • Maggots scene
  • The interior building design is gorgeous, the wall design, the skylights, the floor design
  • Once you join the cannot leave the coven
  • Some clever investigation tactics used by the characters to uncover the coven
  • Sarah's corpse at the end of the film looks absolutely terrifying (makeup design looks great)

  • The main character is completely oblivious for far too long, gets a tad annoying how stupid she is
  • I personally would have liked a bit more information on the coven itself

Score: 8/10

An extremely stylistic horror movie, Argento has created a horror movie masterpiece unlike any other film in the genre. Though the plot may seem very simple (ballet house that moonlights as a witch coven), the bizarre set pieces, production design, and a growing sense of dread really push this movie to great heights. I personally found the color schemes to be exquisite, something so simple as lighting makes the greatest difference, and this is a prime example of that. Another behind the scenes aspect that the movie takes advantage of is music, the theme song is a mix of so many different musical elements, but when put together it creates something unforgettable. Suspiria is another stand out horror movie that helped establish a foreign presence in the horror genre.

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  1. Hey! The reason the main character seems so naive is because Argento originally wanted young girls, around 12 and 13, to star in the film. There were negative reactions to this, so he aged up the characters but did not change the script, giving the characters the childlikeness we see in the film.

    1. Wow, I had no idea! That's very strange, I wonder why he would do something like that and not just tweak the script a little, I don't think it would have changed much. Interesting though!


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