The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

  • Great chemistry between the two leads, Garfield and Stone (far superior to Toby and Kirsten for the original trilogy)
  • Electro is a great once he turns into the villain, his powers and potential are off the charts
  • Special effects are top notch (absolutely no surprise here)
  • Truly captures the romance between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy (this is where the movie truly shines, the chemistry is outstanding)
  • Garfield again shows off how comfortable he is with his Spider-man role, perfectly embodies the fast talking web-slinger
  • Casting all around far superior to Sam Raimi's films (though I prefer Raimi's films)
  • If you saw it in IMAX or 3D it looked great (clearly certainly scenes were meant for 3D viewing)

  • Run-time starts to set in at over 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • A lot of time spent on Harry/Green Goblin with very little payoff and an extremely abrupt ending (this was a major letdown/mistake on the writer's part)
  • Not enough Electro, could have carried the movie himself and been the sole villain
  • Paul Giamatti is unbearable with his terrible accent and over the top acting (thankfully he has very limited screen time)
  • Overall a forced 3rd Act that rushes to finished many plot lines
  • Carried over parents storyline (which is getting tiresome, they need to put an end to this chapter of Spider-man's life) with another abrupt ending
  • Soundtrack is all over the spectrum….. in a bad way
Score: 6/10

Though I'm sure a lot of people will disagree with me, but I find this sequel to be slightly superior to the first, mostly because the love story between Peter and Gwen and a standout villain, Electro. The character development was rich, the action was far better, and the movie 'somewhat' moves away from the horribly overdone origin storyline. The movie gives us more insight into his internal struggle between finding his path as a person and his responsibility as a superhero. That is where the phenomenal chemistry between Stone and Garfield comes into play, they are so believable it's incredible (just might be the best love story in the comic book film genre). 

But Amazing 2 does have plenty of faults, most notably it focuses a ton of time on Harry Osborn and in the final climax of the film we get to see him as The Green Goblin......for like 10 minutes (what a waste). The movie also carries over the dreaded parent plot line just like the original 3 Sam Raimi films which have completely been beaten dry. I don't understand why they keep attaching this sub-storyline to each film, they want it to be more important than it should be. The only redeeming quality of the film has the be Jamie Foxx's Electro, a standout villain who sadly is not given enough screen time.

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