The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

  • Wes Anderson's style is mesmerizing to watch, it's downright brilliant and couldn't be more any more unique than it already is!
  • Ralph Fiennes does a great job as the title character
  • The scenery is great to look at, as well as the costume designs, the whole production design is beautiful
  • The quick transitions between scenes and quick changing of subjects
  • The opening monologue cut short by the child with a BB gun is so random, it's hilarious
  • Dry humor, more of the humor lies in the dialogue and its delivery
  • A cute love story is also thrown in
  • Anytime there is some type of transportation (car, bus, taxi, sled) scene it is wonderfully fake and stylish
  • The prison scenes are hilarious, especially the escape scenes
  • Willem Dafoe is absolutely terrifying in the movie (as is most of his roles due to his scary looking face)
  • Voice over explaining scenes as they unfold before us
  • A few good cameo appearances.......though I would have liked a bit more interaction with them
  • Animals are never safe in a Wes Anderson film (dark humor)
  • This is a movie of style and it is damn near flawless, it's a gorgeous film

  • A story within a story seems a bit irrelevant (if anything it makes the movie more of a downer)
  • At times, the narrative can seem a bit complicated
  • The cameos are definitely underutilized, especially Bill Murray!
  • Of all his films, this one might be his most accomplished, but it's probably the one I would rewatch the least unfortunately

Score: 8/10
This may just be Wes Anderson's most ambitious movie to date and certainly his most well-rounded film, everything here is stellar. Though I would not say this is his funniest when compared to his previous films, but Budapest is definitely his most stylish and concentrated film. The acting is top notch and the production design is gorgeous, both of which are sure to see some Academy Award nominations! If you are a fan of Wes Anderson, Budapest is an absolute must see!

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  1. I've only seen this once, but it had me in stitches. I do randomly quote a few of its lines, especially, "'Methinks me breathes me last!' cried the little piper boy," and "Thank you, thank you, dear, kind man." Odd, quirky, wacky movie, but thoroughly enjoyable.


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