The Lost Boys (1987)

  • Train scene is surprisingly tense
  • Given its more gothic style, it certainly is a one of a kind vampire movie
  • Almost everything Sam says is funny (that younger brother vibe)
  • The Frog Brothers steal the show, they are without a doubt the saving grace of the film, they're damn funny
  • Reeks of 80s' nostalgia (something I personally enjoy)
  • Kiefer Sutherland's voice is prominent as ever, him constantly saying 'Michael' is sort of creepy and memorable
  • Kind of like The Goonies discovering a clan of vampires
  • The church scene is classic, it lasts no more than 5 seconds and it's awesome
  • "You missed sucka"

  • Really rushes into the idea of vampirism, it basically comes out of left field
  • Mikes' character isn't all that interesting, which is not a good thing, considering he is the main character in the movie
  • Lots of unanswered questions and unasked questions, like hardly a single question is asked
  • The end twist is not surprising at all, something you see coming a mile away
  • 3rd act is very rushed, it happens very sudden and ends very quickly
  • Overall the movie feels thin, I wouldn't even call it a popcorn film
  • One of those movies I heard a lot about and went in expecting something great and was sadly disappointed

Score: 6/10

Surprisingly, The Lost Boys movie has been put on many people's list of the best vampire movies of all time....that being said, it certainly would not be on mine. It has its fun and quirky moments (especially since it's from the 80's), but at the end of the day the movie doesn't stand out whatsoever. The Frog Brothers provide plenty of comedic reliefs (thank God) and help make the movie more enjoyable than it should be. Normally I'm a big fan of mixing comedy and horror, but this movie seemed to lack enough horror elements to make The Lost Boys exciting. This movie certainly does not deserve a spot on the list of classic 80's comedy-horror movies, like The Evil Dead I&II, Re-Animator, or The Return of the Living Dead.

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