The Raid 2 (2014)

  • The fighting choreography is unmatched, the new standard in action movies
  • Briefly addresses the events of the first film
  • The violence in a sense is 'beautiful' to watch
  • Slow motion scenes build the suspense of what's to come, nice added style
  • Baseball Guy and Hammer Girl!
  • 'Mad Dog' actor makes an appearance, of course, his fighting scenes are great
  • Crime world is not sugar coated or watered down in this movie, it's brutal
  • Does an excellent job showing the downfall of a crime empire
  • The character, Bejo, is reminiscent of The Devil and it's fantastic

  • At 2 hours and 30 minutes, the film drags in certain spots (a theatrical cut would be nice)
  • Camera work is sometimes shaky/unstable during some of the action scenes
  • Overall objective gets lost in transition and the action/ violence takes over (not a terrible thing though)
  • Final battle is a tad too long
  • If you look too closely you will obviously see certain blows and punches that look cheap and carry far too much power than they should 
  • Typical father-son struggle cliche, wanting to overthrow him and take the power

Score: 8/10

One of the greatest action movies of all time, not only in choreography but the story is surprisingly well established and quite intricate. The sequel expands the plot of the first film and adds a bit of depth to the story, as well as upping the fighting and violence. Though the action is longer and more intense, it is however, spread out over a longer period of time (2 hours and 40 minutes). The first film is more of an adrenaline rush (the action is almost constantly flowing), the sequel is more of a developing story with the action adding to the storyline.

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