The Raid: Redemption (2011)

  • Glad to see its transitions away from guns and switch to machetes/knives
  • Extremely high-octane action sequences, constant thrills
  • Two words......Mad Dog (one of the most badass villains ever put on camera)
  • The machete to the face scene and slowly pulling it out is without question cringe worthy
  • Everything seems to be going according to plan, then the head bad guy makes one simple call that changes everything
  • Very little dialogue that distracts from the action (though this can be bittersweet for some)
  • Astounding fighting choreography, some of the best of all-time
  • Numerous unique death sequences....check out the GIF below if you don't believe me
  • Final showdown between Rama and Mad Dog is one of the great showdown fight scenes of all time, very gritty and realistic
  • Good sense of isolation established, the building is like a giant maze, in which you must only go up
  • If you are looking for a great action movie with a strong story, the sequel more than makes up for that

  • Very little explanation in the opening scene with the SWAT members
  • Some shaky cam during the action sequences, but most scenes don't have this and instead, look great
  • I didn't like how they cut to and from the final fight between Mad Dog and the brothers, one continuous scene of the fight would have been marvelous
  • Unfortunately, there is already an American remake being developed

Score: 9/10

While the second movie expands the storyline of the main character and the crime underworld, Redemption is far more action packed and the thrills are constantly delivered. This is hardcore action at its best, it doesn't try to have a beginning, middle, and end story, instead it focuses on action scenes and choreography. A lot of people are upset about the lack of story, but that is something you have to get over, this is a movie that focuses on innovative action and it certainly succeeds here. The Raid is easily one of the best modern day action movies, the fight scenes are as unique as they come and there is nothing derivative about this! If you are looking for a movie with a high body count and exquisite martial arts, then look no further! The bar has been raised for what we expect in the action/martial arts genre, thanks to The Raid.

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