The Thing (1982)

  • Kurt Russell is perfectly cast as Macready (one of the greatest horror movie heroes of all time)
  • Seeing 'The Thing' for the first time is complete mayhem and incredible
  • The special effects are both extremely impressive and terrifying even by today's standards, who needs computer-generated imagery!
  • Perfect location to create a fantastic atmosphere of isolation (Carpenter has said early drafts of the film had the story taking place underwater!)
  • 'Trust is a tough thing to come by these days'
  • Characters make logical decisions for once, they actively try to tackle the science behind the monster
  • John Carpenter at his very best, proving he is one of the greatest genre directors ever
  • One of the best horror films of all time, as well as one of the best science-fiction films of all time
  • Theme song is perfect and simple, yet so effective
  • Plenty of paranoia to go around, exactly how things should play out and certainly would play out!
  • The computer program calculating the outcome of the infection if it were to spread throughout the World
  • Surprising twists that work very well and keep the viewer on their toes
  • The Blood Test!
  • A foreboding ending that is flawless (John Carpenter recently explained the movie's ending in a recent interview)
  • This is my personal favorite movie of all time!

  • Those poor huskies
  • Another unnecessary Hollywood prequel came out in 2011 that tells the story of the Norwegians, taking away the mystery of those events

Score: 10/10
One of the greatest movies of all time, The Thing is my personal favorite movie! John Carpenter created a masterpiece that stands as the crown jewel in the horror genre! Great acting, thick atmosphere, brilliant effects, and smart character decisions are just some of the things The Thing offers. Speaking of the characters, this is one of the aspects where the movie stands apart from the rest, they make logical decisions for the greater good of the group. They aren't splitting up, going to into dark rooms alone, they are fighting back and using science to their advantage. Outside of strong characters, the movies special effects are unrivaled even by today's technological advancements and widening resources. The practical effects used in the movie look spectacular, over the top yes, but never too fake to the point where they become silly. The creatures many taking forms could not look any more impressive or scary! The Thing is the standard that all horror movies should be judged by, from its foreboding atmosphere, ageless special effects, to it's logical characters, this is the crown jewel in the horror department!

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