Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

  • A brilliant black comedy with a heart (which is very surprising given the subject matter)
  • One of the best horror spoofs since Scary Movie
  • Best use of a wood-chipper since Fargo
  • Unique death scenes, all which happen by 'accident'
  • Beer + hornet stings = hilarious improvised scene
  • Vindictive popular kid as the antihero is ironically funny
  • Dale is a surprising kind heart hero
  • Tucker and Dale together are an all around great duo
  • Dale holding the scythe talking to the girl scene at the beginning of the movie really sets the tone
  • Beer on hornet stings!
  • Funny dialogue, mostly between Tucker and Dale talking to 'college kids'
  • Surprising amount of suspense and excitement
  • Cabin in the woods = Redneck vacation home
  • This is a fun movie!

  • If there is any part that is wrong with the movie, its the 3rd act for being a tad anticlimactic
  • The plot might be TOO dumb for most people's taste
  • Might be some logical errors, especially when people are dropping dead all around them
  • Some scenes go on longer than they should, most of those scenes involve Tucker talking to Dale

Score: 8/10

A dark, horror spoof not to be missed by horror fans! Most spoofs don't work too well because they focus on one scene gags and dull characters, this movie has neither of those things. It maintains a solid story and its two leads are the perfect balance of funny and being kind hearted. Together, the unfortunate hillbillies fight off a group of college students bent on 'saving' their friend from the 'savage hillbillies'.

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