X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

  • Easily one of the best comic book movies of all time
  • Any scene set in the future is dark, grim, and bleak, it's perfect (too bad that was not the primary timeline)
  • Future sentinels are basically all Nimrods (which can be good or bad)
  • Magneto's power is always extremely entertaining, whether it is set in the past or the future
  • Plenty of characters/cameo appearances
  • Quicksilver is surprisingly entertaining, going to be hard for the MCU to top him 
  • "Whip...lash"
  • Blink vs the Sentinels is awesome, probably the standout character in the movie
  • Fantastic final battle in both time periods
  • It completely wipes out the events of 'The Last Stand'.....thank God
  • Michael Fassbender is great as usual as the young Magneto
  • Beast and Wolverine team up, bittersweet friendship
  • Post credits scene.....Apocalypse is coming (hopefully they do not dial down his powers like the MCU did with Drax)
  • "My mom once dated a guy with magnetic powers"
  • Any scene set in the future stands out, they could have easily had the whole movie set in the future

  • The whole movie revolves around Mystique and repeating consequences to her over and over
  • Jennifer Lawrence is not a good Mystique, I feel she is just there for popular support and they were riding her popularity
  • Not enough future scenes!!!
  • Opening scene could have been longer, it's a brisk short battle
  • Why did they part ways with Quicksilver?
  • Not enough Sunspot, he was cut from 'The Last Stand' and then this time he didn't get much screen time
  • Plot gets somewhat repetitive, continuously explaining things to Mystique and having to convince her to think otherwise

Score: 8/10

Easily the best X-Men movie, as well as one of the best comic book movies of all time! The future scenes are the highlight of the movie, perfectly dark, extremely tense and contain superpowers galore. Though the movie tips into the past far more than the future, there are enough great characters and surprises to keep you entertained. Quicksilver certainly is one of the best aspects of the movie, it's just too bad they part ways with him far too soon, hopefully, he returns for X-Men: Apocalypse. If you could see only one X-Men movie, it should be without a doubt Days of Future Past!

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  1. Agreed, best X-Men film to date for sure. It combined everything that I loved from both timelines into one exceptional film. Great review Mathew! Also, to answer your question about parting ways with Quicksilver, my thought is that he is still just a kid, only 17 or 18, so throwing him into a middle of a war essentially is not something that Xavier would do.


    1. Thank you, I've always been a huge fan of the X-men and mutants (over the MCU) I think they are more grounded and far more interesting with their unique powers compared to The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy cast. I just couldn't get enough of those future scenes, they were just so interesting! Wish there were more! But that totally makes sense about Quicksilver, I didn't think about that! That's too bad though, I think he's already confirmed for 'Apocalypse' so that should be awesome!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhh, how I love this film. I never thought I could love an X-Men movie better than X2, but then this came long and I fell head-over-heels for it. Wonderful, delicious movie.

    1. This was so dark and bleak that I feel in love with it just like you! This is definitely one of my favorite comic book movies!

    2. I think it's that very bleakness that makes the very end especially poignant and heart-warming -- a burst of sunshine after a month of dismal rain. Now I really want to watch this again!!! I haven't seen it in probably 3 months. Sigh.


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