X-Men: First Class (2011)

  • Michael Fassbender is a fantastic Magneto, easily the best actor of the new generation and the highlight of the movie
  • "Move this coin"
  • Magneto origin story explained a bit more and it surely is harrowing and shocking
  • Magneto & Professor X vs Shaw
  • Resemblance between Azazel and The Devil is delightfully creepy
  • Mixing mutant origins and US history, clashing histories coming together
  • Of course, the special effects are fantastic
  • Most of the humor hits its mark
  • Awesome Wolverine cameo, probably the best cameo in all of the Marvel/DC films!
  • Reveals how Professor X becomes paralyzed.....

  • Sometimes the movie's tone feels a bit 'corny'
  • They cut out Sunspot from the movie!!
  • Multiple mutant's powers are EXTREMELY lame......but then again it's nice to see them stay away from giving someone TOO much power
  • Jennifer Lawrence isn't a great Mystic (I can't help but know that it's her and it takes you out of the moment)
  • January Jones character underutilized, she could be a great rival of Professor X
  • Havoc is an asshole

Score: 8/10

First Class is a return to form for the X-Men franchise, all the young characters are interesting and the story features a strong origin of sorts for the bittersweet friendship between Professor X and Magneto. The highlight of the film is without question the history of Magneto and his origins being held captive at a concentration camp. Outside of that story, the movie perfectly meshes with some true moments in US history, which adds a bit of authenticity to the story. On the downside, the movie features some mutants with some very disappointing and lame powers.

As I said above, I guess it is probably better to feature characters with weaker powers than too many powers who are nearly indestructible. But maybe the writers were throwing in those weaker mutants to balance out the powers of Professor X and Magneto. In the end, First Class is one of the better comic book movies out there and was followed up by a superior sequel, Days of Future Past.

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