Zodiac (2007)

  • David Fincher is a master of his craft, proving he is one of the best directors in the World!
  • Anthology time storytelling works pretty well, each being affected by the Zodiac killings
  • The basement scene is the definition of 'edge of your seat'
  • Those taunting letters.....most of them still undeciphered to this day
  • The setting and style of the first murder scene looks fantastic (the car slowly driving by, then returning)
  • Mostly a character study film but that's okay, the third character being the most interesting of the three
  • Captures the time period perfectly, the setting appears very real and it looks fantastic
  • The dark tone is perfect for this type of subject matter
  • The media involvement reveals just how big the case came to be nationwide
  • Very interesting and thought-provoking final scene
  • Pulls you in with the finer details of the case
  • One of the best serial killer movies since 2000
  • A lot of critics put it on their list of the top 10 movies of the decade!
  • Overall reminiscent of 'Memories of Murder' (which is always a good thing)
  • Probably the best movie based off of the 'Zodiac Killings'

  • Robert Downey Jr. seems to be the same character in every movie
  • Jumping through years at a time never establishes a true sense of urgency, only certain scenes have tension, it comes and goes
  • Because of its run time, some scenes get tiresome
  • The Zodiac Killer looks pretty lame.....
  • How did Mark Ruffalo's character get caught leaking information?
  • Never get a true emotional connection with the first two lead characters, one doesn't get enough depth and both of them are unlikeable 
  • The run time is a tad too long for a police procedural, almost 2 hours and 40 minutes
  • Police districts don't work together.....that's politics I guess

Score: 8/10

David Fincher's style is great, it really has that 60's and 70's feeling to it. But the sheer length of the movie, as well as the pacing slowing down as the Zodiac goes into hiding hinders the movies excitement/thrilling level. Perhaps the most unfortunate aspect of the movie is that we all know that the Zodiac Killer has never been caught, so the movie's end game is unfortunately somewhat predictable in a sense. But when there is excitement, it sure is engrossing while it lasts, from the very tiny details of the case, right down to the way they film the scene with brilliant cinematography. This is a movie of style and David Fincher sure does an amazing job with it, if you are looking for a serial killer drama movie, look no further!

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