Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

  • Emily Blunt is fantastic and the stand out character, very intimidating
  • Tom Cruise at his best, he's always giving it his 100% no matter what the role he is playing
  • The alien 'time manipulation' ability is very interesting, like its actually awesome to think about
  • Cool and unique alien design.....when you can see it
  • The replaying of the beach scenes is fun and entertaining
  • Some good comedy, mostly dark comedy at that because of the many death scenes
  • Slight romantic feelings work pretty well (even if we all see it coming)
  • The first scene where Rita arrives on the beach looking like a badass walking out of her ship
  • The 1st half of the film is very fun and entertaining while it's still messing around with the time loop idea
  • Graphics, of course, look great, some of the best of the year

  • The aliens move WAY TOO FAST, you can hardly see anything during the action scenes (while it seems cool at first, it's just too much to handle)
  • 3rd act is a letdown, trying to incorporate other characters whom serve no purpose or interest and are thrown in at the last minute
  • The J-Squad members are terrible.....basically dead weight in the film
  • Too many scenes in the 'training area' compared to the beach scenes.....not to mention the training area being more deadly than the actual invasion!

Score: 8/10

One of the more unique movies of the year, Edge of Tomorrow mixes science fiction with Groundhog's Day and the results are great. The explanation of the alien time manipulation works surprisingly well and makes a solid amount of sense. A fun and exciting movie, but spotty actions sequences (like I said, the aliens move so fast) and a disappointing 3rd act, brings the movie down just a tad. But Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are committed to their roles and bring the movie some added depth. Is this the best blockbuster of 2014?....No, that belongs to Guardians of the Galaxy, but Edge of Tomorrow is a close 2nd, one of the most exciting movies of 2014.

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