Enemy (2013)

  • Jake does a very good job as both leads (he is steadily becoming one of the best actors in Hollywood)
  • If you like your movies cryptic and ambiguous, this is up there with some of the most bizarre and surreal
  • At times, the movie has great tension
  • What do the spiders mean?
  • If you are looking for something artsy and abstract...this is your answer
  • Plenty of hidden clues to keep you guessing throughout the movie, some very subtle
  • The first 20 minutes are great at building up a solid mystery but....

  • A lot of time is spent on slow moving scenes, characters sitting and standing around 
  • Lots of unexplained meanings or more specifically, an unexplained narrative
  • The first 3rd of the movie moves very slow (plenty of scenes could have been cut)
  • Couldn't help but think the movie could have had a better ending, the word anticlimactic comes to mind
  • A larger insight into the female characters would have been nice
  • Ultimately too ambiguous than intriguing
  • Definitely a one time view (Some ambiguous type movies are super intriguing and make you want to rewatch the film for a better understanding, this is certainly not that type of movie)

Score: 5/10

Definitively a movie that lingers in your mind, but rather than pure mystery, it's more of an annoying sense of wanting it to be explained so you can forget about it later. The movie starts off interesting, but then as the movie progresses you start to lose interest because nothing new or exciting happens. The meeting between characters is quite interesting, especially since neither trusts one another, but when the starts to conclude, the end game really wasn't worthy of the build up. But I have to give credit to Jake Gyllenhaal, he is proving to be one of the best actors in the world, he takes gutsy roles and pulls them off flawlessly! So if you liked Mulholland Drive or other cerebral dramas, you are more than guaranteed to enjoy surreal nightmare. General public beware!

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