Fight Club (1999)

  • Brad Pitt's best role, no question about's one of the great roles of all time
  • Fincher's style is brilliant and exhilarating to watch, perfectly dark and sleek
  • Overall feeling of a dazed trance, very trippy and bizarre
  • Lots of quirky humor, mostly coming from Brad Pitt
  • 'Project Mayhem'
  • Very bizarre homemade soap scene
  • Some very interesting dialogue, most of it is pretty cryptic
  • Constant breaking of the fourth wall and talking to the viewer
  • Unscripted golf scene where both Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were actually drunk
  • Seeing the evolution of Fight Club expand nationwide!
  • The fight scenes look quite real, as well as the blood effects (plus they aren't TOO over done)
  • Tyler Durden's constantly changing, stylish clothing (something you might not pick up on when you first watch it)
  • The rules of Fight Club are legendary!
  • Quite a bit of social themes represented....basically the whole narrative
  • The movie actually sparked real-life fight clubs around the United States!
  • Tyler vs Lou!
  • Plenty of chaos and mayhem, which is exactly what the movie wants to be, the whole movie is chaos and disorder from the get go
  • A very memorable ending, slightly polarizing, but amazing none the less!
  • Easily one of the top 10 movies of the 90's

  • Some might have a problem with its revealing ending and all the tiny details that go with it

Score: 9/10

This movie takes the dark path as it tries to exploit our current society, and what a path it is! 'Fight Club' is a cult classic for a reason, and that reason is Brad Pitt. He is one of the most unique, abstract characters you will ever encounter. This is a can't miss movie.......the sole reason being Tyler Durden!

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  1. Fight Club is a movie that I have been meaning to watch for a long time, but I have yet to actually get around to watching it. Hopefully I can correct that in the near future!


    1. Yeah I also saw this on your bucket list...I would make this a high priority! Brad Pitt is flat out awesome in the movie! Its bizarre and its awesome


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