Jersey Boys (2014)

  • The music numbers are truly outstanding, their music sounds fantastic
  • Very little comedy, but when it appears, its great
  • Costume design is always interesting to look at in that time period
  • Frankie's voice is absolutely astonishing, there is nothing like it
  • Christopher Walken!
  • Interesting insight into the background of the group and its internal turmoil that plagued them

  • Hardly establishes their popularity and fame (they were incredibly popular during their heyday)
  • Once they discover a very popular song, they move right on away and suddenly need another new hit
  • The character of Tommy is supposed to be the tough guy, but he is not at all convincing
  • Unnecessary jump in time at the end of the movie
  • They don't perform their best song (Oh, What a Night) till the end credits with a disappointing 'group'  performance......super disappointed
  • Eastwood never establishes a strong sense of authenticity
  • Frank's family story line is super scarce until it's needed at the end of the film for some type of emotional response
  • Overall film feels thin and boring outside of the actual singing, mostly because of thin characters

Score: 4/10

Skip this movie and just listen to their songs online. Outside of singing the actual songs, the film is just a bore all around, especially since the movie wants to be a more serious, less fun of a movie than it should be. Jersey Boys focuses too much on the darker side of their story and that is its problem, its hard to enjoy such a grim movie about such an iconic group. They were the original boy band and I was hoping for a more light-hearted tale of their popularity and fame, but instead we get a melodrama about internal conflicts which we have seen a million times before. If you are looking for a more emotional and impactful story of fame watch Ray or Walk The Line. Just an all around forgettable movie and a very subpar one at that.

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