Kill Bill: Vol 1 (2003)

  • Quentin Tarantino's style is slick and bloody (which makes it so much sweeter)
  • Great sense of anticipation leading up to 'Bill'
  • The theme song (the theme song being one of my all time favorites) and sound effects 
  • Slow motion walk, while the theme song plays, is completely bad-ass
  • Psychotic personal guard, Gogo
  • The assassins nicknames are surprisingly interesting, as well as their backstories
  • I like the anthology type story telling as The Bride hunts for her victims
  • O-Ren back-story in cartoon is brilliant and very effective, I loved every single second of it
  • Creepy hospital scenes
  • Anthology type story telling (one of my favorite things shown in movies)
  • Tarantino's dialogue is legendary (this is literally what his movies are known for)
  • The violence is so over the top that it becomes brilliant in the sense of a visual style
  • The Bride vs The Crazy 88
  • Does she not deserve her revenge? Do they not deserve to die?
  • One of the best revenge thrillers of all time

  • The climatic final battle between The Bride and O-Ren is cut short (perhaps a tad anticlimactic)
  • If you are not familiar with Tarantino, this might not be for you
Score: 10/10

One of Tarantino's best movies, even in a filmography that is already extremely impressive. Crazy, chaotic, violent, Kill Bill is a mesh of styles that is absolutely brilliant! Not only is the story brilliant and exciting, but the technical aspects (cinematography, soundtrack, dialogue, lighting, and much more) all stand out on multiple occasions. Kill Bill: Vol 1 is one of the best movies of the decade and it must be seen by all!

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  1. Last week I watched the Kill Bill movies for the first time and I have to say that they were a blast! Especially Vol 1. The over-the-top style and homage to Asian cinema was one of the best parts about the movie, and of course, the crazy action scenes. While Inglourious is the only other Tarantino movie I have seen, Kill Bill Vol 1 is currently my favorite of his work. Good review!



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