Oldboy (2003)

  • Choi Min-Sik is perfect as Oh Dea-su, easily the highlight of his career
  • The best of Park's 'Vengeance Trilogy' (Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance)
  • The theme song is great, it totally fits the tone of the movie
  • The opening scenes are brilliant, genuinely intriguing, and extremely original
  • Climatic 3rd act is as heartbreaking as it is shocking (it's put together perfectly, so much emotion)
  • Memorable final scene (one of my personal favorites), lots of interpretation to be had
  • A very dreamlike soundtrack, really adds to the atmosphere of the movie
  • "Even though I am not better than a beast, don't I have the right to live?"
  • Its strange/quirky humor works very well, much different from American humor
  • Iconic hallway fight scene!
  • The whole movie experience is like a hypnotic trance, even a tad surreal
  • Exciting being able to watch the villain taunt the hero and keep pushing him closer and closer to the truth rather than keeping his identity hidden
  • Plenty of rich and cryptic dialogue (this is something that really stands out, my favorite aspect of the movie)
  • This is a movie that lingers in your mind long after you have finished watching!

  • Spike Lee's remake of this is an abomination!
  • Those poor octopuses (which were actually alive and real during that scene, he did three takes of that scene)

Score: 10/10

One of the greatest films of all time, Oldboy is a must see film, Park Chan-Wook has created one of the most intense and engrossing movies of all time. Park's captivating storytelling and surreal style makes this a cinematic achievement, nothing about this movie is ordinary. Thrilling, heartbreaking, humorous, engrossing, Oldboy has everything a movie should have and much, much more. This is a movie that lingers in your mind long after you watch it, so much interpretation to be had and it's amazing! This is a personal top 5 movie of all time for me, not many movies can pull me in like Oldboy did!