Sin City (2005)

  • The neo-noir style is brilliant and beautiful, one of the better ones of recent memory
  • Anthology type story telling is always welcomed (something movies tend not to do much these days)
  • Large ensemble, perfectly cast
  • Mickey Rourke is a standout character as Marv
  • Stylish violence, over the top gruesome in the best possible way
  • Plenty dark humor
  • Internal monologues are used perfectly
  • One of the best comic book adaptations of all time
  • Tarantino as a guest director for the car scene with Clive Owen and Benicio Del Toro
  • Silhouette shots
  • The dialogue is rich and unique
  • With this type of movie, it's very unpredictable because of how over the top the action scenes are and bizarre characters filling those scenes
  • Truly a movie unlike any other, a must see based purely on its style and visuals
  • Overall a very thrilling and exciting movie with enough added style to create something extremely memorable

  • The final 'chapter' is the weakest of the bunch, yet it is clearly the main focus of the movie
  • Unfortunately, Hollywood has yet again pumped out another unnecessary sequel

Score: 9/10

Anthology type story telling is always fun, especially when you have great leads like this. Visually striking, this is a very fun, very violent movie well worth a watch! Even though the chapter with Bruce Willis is the weakest (which is surprising), they all stand tall. But what you really go into the movie wanting to see is the neo-noir style, its beautiful and vibrant.

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