Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005)

  • The final chapter in Park's Vengeance Trilogy (Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, Oldboy, Lady Vengeance)
  • Sad to see how young children can be taken advantage of and manipulated
  • Unique premise compared to many of Hollywood's traditional, dime a dozen revenge thrillers
  • His movies are always very raw and intense and the violence is always stylized
  • Yubitsume is always a crazy act to see
  • Nice seeing her meeting back up with her prison mates after they were released
  • "So the kidnapper had kidnapped a kidnapper's kid"
  • Those videos are very hard to watch, very heartbreaking to see those children like that
  • Great seeing characters talk of her as an 'angel' but not knowing of her true dark nature
  • Kong Sang-ho has a brief cameo as one of the hitmen (I'm a huge fan obviously!)
  • Choi Min-sik is fantastic as usual (one of my personal favorite actors)
  • .....Multiple trinkets
  • Very nice and smooth transition from being a dark comedy to a violent revenge thriller

  • An odd dream sequence (something not unexpected, but I still have yet to understand it's significance)
  • Overall story arc of her daughter feels quite thin, Park invests quite a bit of time with the daughter aspect, but it still feels unfinished
  • Her sexual partner looks like he is 12 years old......
  • Why would the detective help her out with the details of the murder?

Score: 8/10

Perhaps too artsy for most people's taste at times, Lady Vengeance is a beautiful movie that starts off on a lighter tone and then gradually becomes much darker as the movie unfolds. One of the most unique revenge movies out there, very entertaining of course and it certainly does not follow tradition with normal, Hollywood type revenge films.

The only aspect I had a problem with was the amount of time spent on the daughter and how it never seems to come full circle. Obviously the movie is all about revenge/vengeance, but the director seemed to want to try and make the daughter a main point, but there just didn't hit home for me. I can hardly remember a single aspect about the daughter, let alone her influence on the main character (her plan was pretty independent of taking care of her daughter). The main characters motives seemed to stem from the child she killed, rather than the child that was taken from her.

On a side note, the movie has a small Orange is the New Black vibe going for it in the first half of the film, mostly because it has a lot of scenes in a female prison which feature some very dark humor (just like OITNB). Lady Vengeance certainly is one of the better, hidden gems on Netflix and one of the better South Korean movies out there! As for my rankings of the Vengeance Trilogy: Oldboy (10/10)> Lady Vengeance (8/10)> Mr. Vengeance (7/10).