The Man From Nowhere (2010)

  • The little girl is absolutely precious, perfectly cast and wonderfully acted
  • The villains have some odd yet interesting personality (something that is almost always welcomed)
  • Interesting twists throughout the movie, the story gets bigger and bigger as it moves along
  • Beautifully shot, the cinematography looks fantastic, slick and dark
  • Heart-wrenching to see the whole slave labor aspect and what they are forced to do, as well as their living conditions
  • Emotions run pretty high in the tale of revenge and redemption
  • Always fun to see the main character have an arch rival worthy of fighting
  • Main character's back-story is short and sweet yet effective
  • Great action sequences, mostly knife fights vs typical, boring gun shoot outs
  • The main character does a fantastic job (amazing to see him go from his character in Mother to this badass assassin)
  • A bittersweet ending (something not unexpected since it is coming from South Korea)
  • Overall this is an action packed thriller with plenty of surprises to keep you entertained 
  • It's on Netflix

  • Cliched cops, always one step beyond our hero and two steps behind the villains
  • The hero in the movie is sadly a walking cliche with a 'dark' past

Score: 9/10

While The Man From Nowhere does not add anything new to the 'you messed with the wrong guy' action-thriller genre, it certainly is the creme of the crop of said genre. An action movie with a heart, reminiscent of Leon: The Professional, but with fighting choreography rather than gun battles. Also, if you are into the whole 'South Korean Cinema' genre, this certainly is one of the better films and definitely worth seeking out. And on the other side of the spectrum, if you are an action junkie looking for some great action scenes, this is definitely something worthy of checking out.

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  1. At some point in the next two weeks, I plan to watch The Man From Nowhere, and I doubt it is going to disappoint.


  2. Oh its great! And I also saw on your bucket list, Leon: The Professional....that is without a doubt a must watch! That movie is all around fantastic, Gary Oldman as the villain, it's just plain awesome! One of the best movies of the 90's in my opinion! But This movie is great too, more modern than other Korean movies

    1. Just finished The Man From Nowhere, and I agree, it was great! It reminded me of a far superior version of Liam Neeson Taken in a few aspects. Normally, kids ruin movies, but that little girl was so good and likable. *Spoilers* Considering that the Korean movies that I have seen do not usually have "happy endings" I actually thought the girl was dead at the end.

      Thanks for the heads up about Leon: The Professional! Hopefully I can watch the movie soon. It sounds great!



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