The Sacrament (2013)

  • Surprisingly good performances, especially the actor who plays Father
  • Strong 'Jonestown Massacre' similarities (that's probably the point, however)
  • The 1st half of the movie is fantastic at building tension and a dreadful atmosphere
  • Plenty of surprises towards the latter half of the movie
  • A decent horror movie with minimal gore
  • The interview scene where you get a strong sense of what's going on
  • Beautiful scenery and location, it looks very realistic and totally plausible
  • 'Father' does a good job, he's very convincing and downright creepy
  • A fresh storyline compared to over down genres like possession and slashers
  • Discovering the backstory of individuals and the parish
  • The 3rd act is where things get totally out of control and chaotic

  • How could the government find them if no one knows where the parish is located, why did they need to rush?
  • Some might be offended by its ties to 'Jonestown'
  • Unfortunately found footage (I'm pretty anti-found footage).....but it kind of works
  • The whole VICE backstory is lame
  • How could the gunman not see the guy under the bed? HE WAS RIGHT THERE!
  • The gunmen at the end of the movie take away from the impact that has just happened (adding bad guys with guns kind of ruins the excitement)

Score: 7/10

A slow burn horror movie that builds up atmosphere and dread, The Sacrament is a wild ride! This is a movie that demands a developed attention span because it slowly builds up the setting before the climatic 3rd act. I went into the movie knowing nothing about the real life events of 'Jonestown', which made this a very welcomed surprise. It's crazy to see how someone can manipulate people and basically convince them of anything you tell them. You may know where the movie is heading, but you don't necessarily know how they get to that point and that's what makes the movie exciting.

But of course the ending definitely does not shy away from the brutality of the story and more than makes up for the intensity of those events. My only real complaint is about the ending where guns come into play and sort of complicate things. They are obviously there as a reason to put the main characters in immediate danger, but it felt out of place to me.

Outside of that, if you don't know anything about 'Jonestown', this will certainly be a pleasant surprise. It immediately inspired me to look into the real events which the movie was based on, which is a great thing for a movie accomplish.

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