Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014)

  • Special effects are, of course, amazing
  • Mark Wahlberg tries his best.....but he's the least convincing inventor of all time
  • Lockdown is by far the coolest aspect of the film
  • If you are a fan of Bay's movies, you'll most likely enjoy this
  • The luxurious cars are always beautiful to look at, very flashy

  • Literally no storyline whatsoever, in fact, its the same as the previous three films
  • 165 minutes of a 'Transformers' movie is a long time
  • What happened to the Transformers who had cool powers other than regular missiles and machine guns?
  • Over the top Autobot characters 
  • Mark Wahlberg's character shooting a gun taking down Lockdown, but Optimus can't?
  • Optimus power level is always a fluctuation...typically he comes off weaker than most
  • Grimlock/Dinobots are hardly in the movie....complete let down
  • Grimlock's introduction is a major disappointment
  • Product placement everywhere........EVERYWHERE
  • Why does this franchise focus so much on the government's involvement?
  • Every action movie cliche is used
  • Another terrible eye-candy girl actress who cannot act
  • Most of the comedy is a miss, very childish and corny
  • Generic human storyline, again the movie focuses too much on the human elements than the Transformers themselves
  • Overall feeling of overkill in just about every aspect you could think of

Score: 3/10

The 4th installment of the Transformers saga brings absolutely nothing new to the table in this dreadful series. The Transformers once again are mad at their human counterparts who are trying to destroy the Autobots yet again, but are forced to work together to fight off the Deceptions. I'm tired of seeing our government trying to regulate an alien species, it worked in the first film, but now it has become tiresome. What Extinction does promise (Grimlock/Dinobots), it doesn't even deliver, they are hardly in the movie. A complete waste of time, if you have seen the first movie, you've seen them all!

And what ever happened to their unique powers so to speak, the first transformer we ever see, takes down an entire military base, 3 movies later they can barely fight off a few soldiers? I was expecting Michael Bay to change the formula a bit because of all the criticism over the years and figured he would have a few new tricks up his sleeves.....sadly I was mistaken. Hopefully, Mark Wahlberg moves on from the franchise to focus on other projects. As a final note, I refuse to lower my standards for a movie, just because previous films have been terrible, that's not how it works.

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  1. Transformers movies have always been rental material for me, and this fourth installment will be no different. You have a great blog here, I am going to follow it now!


    1. Yeah i was 50/50 about seeing it in theaters or rental....should have chose rental ha. Thank you, i'm constantly changing things about it, never happy with it!


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