World War Z (2013)

  • Takes less than 8 minutes before the zombies show up!
  • The speed/intensity of the zombies is absolutely terrifying, by far the fastest in any zombie movie
  • As well as the speed of the zombie virus infecting a host, mere seconds 
  • Brad Pitt is fantastic as the lead, a pure survivor, he's smart and likable
  • Nice seeing the zombie effects on a 'global scale'
  • Magazine around your forearm = Genius! (if there is one thing to take away from this movie, it's this idea!)
  • Director does a great job building and maintaining tension 
  • Near suicide attempt to save his family
  • Disease to fight the disease, there is something about this idea that is very intriguing
  • Interesting concept about why certain people are not being attacked
  • Overall a very entertaining blockbuster, a high budget zombie movie
  • Human zombies = ant-like beings
  • I personally didn't have a problem with the film being PG-13, unlike most people who were VERY WORKED UP about it

  • Shaky camera effects at times (mostly because the zombies are running 50 mph and it's hard to keep up)
  • The building of the wall is kind of a big stretch, wouldn't the World have noticed something like that happening?
  • The scientist slips and kills himself? REALLY?
  • Zombie CGI, not the best
  • The singing in Jerusalem is just ridiculous, are people really that oblivious to the situation?
  • Surviving a plane crash seems damn near impossible

Score: 8/10

A more 'ambitious' zombie movie than most others in the genre, which is probably why I enjoyed the movie more than most people. World War Z focuses on finding a cure for the zombie disease rather than just simply trying to survive the apocalypse and being another run of the mill zombie movie. However, in doing so, the movie becomes slightly irrational as the film progresses, but it's still entertaining none the less. What I admired most about the movie is how the story tries to find the origin of the zombie virus and then tries to combat it with other deadly viruses.

Though the movie might be overstretching its boundaries at times, it still stands out for focusing on the concept of a cure rather than just pure survival (like damn near every other zombie movie). World War Z shows our societies are somewhat capable of fighting to virus and our government, more or less, is still able to function, but just barely. This is what is unique about the story and made it for enjoyable for me, seeing how our supposedly bulletproof government/army is able to combat a zombie virus.

And of course Brad Pitt is fantastic, that should go without saying, it's not often we get a high budget, zombie film! Even if you think you have seen everything the zombie genre has to offer, World War Z still manages to surprise with a few fresh ideas!