Clue (1985)

  • Tim Curry is sensational as the frantic, yet hilarious Wadsworth
  • The many trap doors and hidden pathways are always exciting to discover
  • Everything is so over the top and campy (in a good way, including the acting)
  • The movie completely covers all aspects of the board game (rooms, weapons, characters)
  • Plenty of humor, slapstick, dark, situational, the movie has it all
  • Continual use of lightning sound effects and that eerie music/tone (used throughout the entire movie)
  • The house design and interior design looks great, like one giant maze, full of secrets and hidden passageways
  • ' singing telegram!'
  • The multiple endings are a fantastic idea, much more enjoyable than you would think (would be very exciting to see movies today try this approach!)
  • All their backstories are told quite briefly and come together later on
  • Wadsworth explaining who the killer is at the end of the movie is great fun, him running around reenacting the deaths and quick transition sequences are hilarious
  • Wadsworth shower scene!
  • The vague, deception between characters who may or may not know one another and their hidden agendas
  • The bullet count scenes at the end of the film are great
  • Clue is more than worthy of being labeled a 'Cult Classic', another movie that was bashed at the time of its release, only to reach acclaim decades later

  • If you go into this movie expecting a solid mystery or frightening horror film, you will be sadly disappointed, this is not that type of movie
  • Most people, unfortunately, probably will not like how silly/corny the movie is 

Score: 9/10

An open mind is really required when going into Clue, after all, it is campy in the best possible way. The story is exactly what you would think it is, a bunch of characters who may or may not know one another are thrown in a house where people start dropping like flies. But the brilliance of the movie is how it remains hilarious, yet tense throughout the film as characters start to doubt one another as the bodies pile up. They're constantly trying to solve the puzzle and decipher the clues, which makes the movie exciting, just when you think its a certain character, the movie throws another curve ball disproving said character.

Another aspect worthy of being mention is how the movie incorporates every single piece from the board game into the movie, from the wrench, to the ballroom, to the secret passage ways, it's all here. And Tim Curry is the anchor of the ensemble, he does an amazing job as the zany butler, the standout performance in the movie. But enough credit can not be given to the overall cast in the film, they were clearly up for the challenge, every actor is able to handle the humor that their characters demand.

Clue is a cult classic, more than worthy of that title, it's silly in the best possible way and as exciting as movies come! This is one of my personal favorite movies of all time.

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  1. Clue is my friend's favorite movie, so I have been planning to watch it for some time now. I am glad you liked it as well.


    1. Its so quirky and odd that its absolutely hilarious and fun! I remember one of my first sleepovers with a friend, a 'Clue Marathon' was on all night and we stayed up till like 5am watching it over and over. Its a great, popcorn movie! I really hope you like it and wanna hear back what you think! and i LOVE how they have multiple endings, Why dont movies do that anymore!? But let me know what you think (I obviously check your website a lot, so maybe I'll see a review for it on there)


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