Deliver Us From Evil (2014)

  • The gore effects look pretty decent (I sure hope so since it's a Hollywood produced movie)
  • Ramirez as a more 'hip' priest is kind of something new 
  • Does a decent job of building up the atmosphere to a certain degree but...
  • Gore used sparingly and not overdone
  • Plenty of jump scares for those looking for that type of thing

  • Eric Bana's character is the main character and extremely unlikable and hard to root for
  • Super hard to take Joel McHale serious in this role, outside of his typical comedic roles
  • The lighting in the film is CONSTANTLY flickering, something so overdone in movies it's ridiculous, a blatant eyesore
  • Cliche 'children giggling' sound effect
  • Movie comes off as too much of a police procedural rather than a straightforward horror movie (another movie stuck in genre limbo)
  • I've still yet to figure out the role of 'The Doors' band aspect
  • Do these cops never identify themselves as cops when entering a house?
  • SUPER cheesy ending
  • A legit  'Token Black Guy'
  • Where was his partners gun during the fight scene? (though I appreciate them staying away from gun battles)
  • Again, nothing new to see here....a very derivative movie from the possession genre

Score: 3/10

Let this be a lesson to future filmmakers.....police procedurals and possession movies DO NOT MIX. The movie is suspended in the cop genre for far too long to come off as scary or interesting. There is just too much police drama with skeptical main characters who are hard to root for. The problem is that the police side of things makes it difficult for the viewer to suspend their disbelief. Deliver Us From Evil  moves at a snails pace and has no interesting qualities to keep you entertained before leads to its predictable exorcism finale. This is the classic go to ending for these types of movies which clearly shows the writers ran out of ideas here and have nothing new up their sleeves.

And as for the final minutes of Deliver, it leaves us with one of the sappiest endings in recent memory, just down right eye rolling silly. This is another example of a terrible horror movie being released nationwide, proving that most great horror movies these days come from independent movie studios. Deliver Us From Evil is another tired entry into the overly done exorcism genre, instantly forgettable and one of the worst movies of 2014.

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