In Their Sleep (2010)

  • Opening scene is odd but sets the tone for the rest of the film
  • At only 79 minutes long, the movie moves along very quickly
  • A non-linear storyline works well, the flashback scenes are brutal as hell
  • Overall a very creepy feeling to the movie (one of those silent intruders, just lurking around your house unnoticed)
  • Some moments of great suspense from the intruder being unnoticed in the house
  • Truly frightening death scenes, because of how vulnerable and potentially real it could be
  • Memorable ending...only because of how random it is
  • 'I always take a picture'
  • Part of the New French Extremity movement, though not as gory as other French horror movies

  • The main character is extremely gullible and it is frustrating to watch, like......really gullible
  • Overall twist is towards the end of the movie is predictable
  • A dream sequence comes out of nowhere and adds nothing to the story, just an odd addition on the directors part
  • Last 13 minutes of the movie takes a turn for the worst
  • Never as compelling or thrilling as it wants to be, the thrills are there, but in short bursts

Score: 7/10

A short and dark French horror movie, which certainly does not live up to other Extreme French horror movies to date. The twist is something 90% of people will see coming, but it hardly takes away from the overall impact of the movie. What does stand out though, is the terrifying death scenes because of how potentially real they could actually be. In Their Sleep is a short and sweet home invasion thriller that works pretty well at getting under your skin, even if it is predictable at times.