Lucy (2014)

  • Luc Besson adds his stylish flair to the movie once again
  • Choi Min-Sik is fantastic as usual and does his best with his tiny role
  • Morgan Freeman's character does a decent job explaining how the brain can potentially evolve
  • 'My Leg' quote is so random it's hilarious (but makes no sense because she clearly shoots him in the chest)
  • A bit of unexpected humor which is nice
  • Harvesting the drug scenes......conscious
  • The movie wastes absolutely no time jumping right into the main storyline, within minutes Lucy is forced into the drug world
  • The 1st half of the movie is great for building up the story and a potentially interesting thriller, but.....

  • The graphics are not the greatest
  • Was there romance? Maybe I missed it during that odd kiss scene
  • All the action scenes after she reaches a certain power level become extremely irrelevant 
  • Why doesn't she just quickly walk out and take care of the gangsters at the end of the movie, then walk back and continue solving life?
  • Once Lucy reaches 60%, all the sense of thrills or urgency disappears because she becomes near omnipotent and unstoppable far too soon
  • Some of Scarlet's monotone dialogue seems a bit corny and over the top nerdy
  • The word 'anticlimactic' comes to mind.....
  • There is a very awkward and out of place phone call between Lucy and her mother
  • The traveling through time at the end is lame and doesn't feel like it goes anywhere new in the end
  • Ultimately something I admire the director for more than enjoying the actual film
  • A flashdrive?........really?

Score: 5/10

Luc Besson has a unique idea her in Lucy, but it ultimately gets lost the further the movie goes on, just like with most movies that attempt this type of narrative. With this type of movie (becoming omnipotent), it's hard to have a profound conclusion/3rd act, and this movie is sadly no different. Everything in the first half of the movie is certainly entertaining and thought provoking, but in the end, the writers write themselves into a corner.

It's intriguing to see what type of powers she possesses early in the transformation, slowly gaining new abilities and fighting off her foes. But the movie makes the cardinal sin of making her too power, too soon. Way before the movie reaches its climax, she has to powers to basically stop any type of threat opposed to her, which, of course, ruins the ride too soon. Once Lucy gets to around 60% power level she is undefeatable and all the excitement goes out the window and we just have to sit back and see where the writers want to go with this.

Omnipotence is probably something writers and filmmakers should avoid for the time being, it's a tricky subject that almost never pays off. Try Besson's Leon: The Professional, for a far more enjoyable and action packed thriller!

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  1. Because I love anything Scar-Jo, I will probably rent Lucy, but I do need to watch Leon: The Professional.


    1. Oh see I'm the exact opposite, I think she is so overrated ha. People love her for her looks and blah, I just don't see it or think her acting roles are great. But Leon: The Professional is awesome! Natalie Portman is fantastic in that, even at the age of 13. I wanted to like this more, but the critics are right, she gets too powerful too quickly I guess and theres no point in fighting guys with guns


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