No One Lives (2012)

  • The first 23 minutes set up for a pretty decent thriller
  • You might think he is hiding on top of the car to find their location....think again
  • Some pretty interesting gadgetry
  • If you are looking for pure mayhem this 'midnight movie' will certainly please you
  • The special effects look pretty decent for clearly being a low budget, B-movie
  • Interesting flashback scenes but they end up going absolutely nowhere

  • The acting is atrocious, to say the least, very poor
  • Far too much bickering between the group of thieves, though is that surprising?
  • The flashback scenes lead absolutely nowhere (that's too bad because this is the only interesting part of the story)
  • Far too silly to be taken seriously
  • Why didn't the gun, fire when he had it pointing at her?
  • The car hasn't worked in over a year, but they fix it in less than 2 minutes?
  • The movie that started off interesting turns into another splatter fest or violence for the sake of violence
  • Hardly any actual thrills, even the death scenes aren't all that exciting
  • The storyline is basically nonexistent.....what was its purpose of this movie? What was the character or killer trying to accomplish?

Score: 3/10

No One Lives is nothing more than a midnight movie, aka violence for the sake of violence, with nothing else to offer. The most interesting aspect of the movie, the flashback scenes, start off promising and then end up going absolutely nowhere. His motives and reasoning for keeping her captive is never fully explained and that was the driving force of the movie. But even as senseless violence goes, No One Lives doesn't even make it exciting or fun, it's just eye  roll after eye roll. Even as a huge horror fan, this movie was boring and full of terrible character decisions that make shake your head in shame as you watch the movie. Very surprising Luke Evans took this role, he is better than this.....

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