Snowpiercer (2013)

  • Bong Joon-ho has created another masterpiece, proving he is far superior to most Hollywood directors
  • Nothing beats original filmmaking and it doesn't get much more original than this!
  • Truly exciting to see new car after new car and the uniqueness about each one
  • The cinematography is great, even in such small quarters
  • Plenty of humor (something Bong is superb at) even during the dark scenes
  • Totally creepy classroom setting
  • Chris Evans does an incredible job as the leader of the oppressed
  • Hardly wastes time explaining how events happen, the movie gets going right away
  • Song Kang-ho is always a pleasure to watch, even in his supporting role he has some good lines
  • The director truly creates a magical world within such a tiny and confined space
  • Their punishment techniques!
  • The story of the first month on the train is incredibly powerful and heartbreaking (this is my favorite part of the movie)
  • Action scenes are great and not too overdone like most Hollywood movies
  • The whole 'bullet' aspect is very intriguing and makes total sense (as in everything else that has gone 'extinct')
  • The use of 'fire' being such a crucial part of their survival.....just like with mankind in real life
  • An ending that provides plenty of explanations, that are in a sense, heartbreakingly logical

  • The cross train/car shootout seemed a bit unrealistic at that distance, specifically the accuracy
  • The translation gadget is very hard to hear most of the time
  • Slipping on the fish scene, just eye-rolling (Chris Evans had to be talked into the scene because he too thought it was ridiculous)

Score: 10/10

Bong Joon-ho has created a bizarre, yet captivating world all set within the confines of a single train and in the train he puts diverse characters facing oppression. Snowpiercer is one of the most original movies in years and the director completely knows how to handle the material. The visuals are spectacular, each car within the train is as elegant and lavish as the next, this is obviously one of the best aspects of the movie, we never know what lies beyond the doors to the next car. But do they serve a purpose, are they necessary, or are they nothing more than fancy add-ons for the upper-class members? As they race from the tail of the train to the front where the engine resides, they go through a number of bizarre obstacles which makes for some added unpredictability.

Snowpiercer is a brilliant take on the state of current societies across the world and how the government suppresses its people in favor of themselves and those higher up. I can quite confidently say Snowpiercer will be the best movie of the year and another movie to gain a solid following as the years roll by, Sci-Fi fans rejoice!

Map of The Train drawn by the Director, Bong
A Short, Brilliant Video about Character Choice!