The Conspiracy (2012)

  • Has a very real, authentic feeling to it (it is found footage after all)
  • Some pretty interesting conspiracy ideas
  • As found footage films go, they really stick to keeping the camera hidden &  don't fall into typical cliche camera tropes
  • There is a very believable and interesting conspiracy theorist introduced at the beginning of the film
  • It isn't until the last 15 minutes that the excitement really kicks in
  • Only a cool 84 minutes long (thankfully)
  • It is on Netflix

  • The audio fluctuates far too much between over the top loud and impossible to hear at times
  • Another overdone story, a secret society of the elite and rich, killing people for fun
  • One of the filmmakers really rushes into the idea of being a conspiracy theorist
  • The acting seems very forced and unbelievable
  • Hardly any information about how they were able to find out when and where the secret meeting would take place
  • Not nearly as tense or haunting as it wants to be
  • The 'handshake' aspect wants to be clever, but it's just lame
  • The clues to them being monitored/followed are very ineffective and generic (this is where the movie needed to make major adjustments)
  • The ambiguous ending is polarizing

Score: 4/10

While the ending is where all the excitement is, the lead up is a slow 65 minutes of cliched genre tropes. The Conspiracy fails to work because it fails to build up tension prior to the final climax of the film, it more or less drags its feet through the mud till we hit the turning point. The Blair Witch Project succeeded as a found footage, because it built up unbearable tension throughout the whole movie and brought a harrowing and memorable ending; The Conspiracy does neither of these.

It starts out pretty decent when exploring the ideas of a conspiracy, but then chooses to focus on a less interesting one, where it rushes to the finale. Had the movie, spent some time giving a bit more depth to the actual society, the movie might have worked better, creating some legit paranoia between the characters. Instead, the whole movie is rushed in the 84 minutes and the ending is the only exciting part of the movie, probably because the first 2/3 of the movie are quite slow.

There are far better found footage movies out there where they build some solid tension and utilizes the concept of found footage, (even though I am very anti-found footage), most notably Noroi: The Curse, The Blair Witch Project, V/H/S 2, Clover Field, and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.

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