The Departed (2006)

  • Powerhouse acting from a large ensemble
  • The movie diverges away from the originals content a bit, so if you have seen the original, there are still plenty of surprises
  • 2006 Best Picture Winner!!
  • Leonardo DiCaprio is captivating as usual, one of his very best
  • Mark Wahlberg has a very tiny role, but makes the most of it and is hilarious
  • Standout soundtrack, 'Shipping up to Boston' being the best of the lot, followed closely by 'Comfortably Numb'
  • Martin Scorsese takes a somewhat familiar plot (police procedural thriller) and adds his great sense of style to it
  • An interesting little love triangle
  • Martin Scorsese, of course, brings his unique editing style to the film once again
  • Leonardo's character has a good emotional presence especially with its growing urgency, how can you not be rooting for Leo!?
  • One of the few remakes that are superior to the original (Infernal Affairs)
  • Jack Nicholson's Costello is extremely eccentric, which makes him more exciting than your typical stone cold boss
  • The final scene is very satisfying.....
  • The unique take of showing us the mole in the police rather than keeping us in the dark and his identity hidden
  • All around this is an extremely engrossing thriller (one of the best of the 2000s) that has plenty of surprises
  • Without question one of the best crime dramas of the modern era

  • The all around storyline seems a bit 'tame' for Martin Scorsese (compared to his past films)
  • A solid time frame is never really established, how long was Leo undercover?

Score: 9/10

Though Martin Scorsese might have been playing it safe with this remake, he certainly shows how in control he is of the material and his actors. This is an all around exciting crime thriller that should please both people looking for thrills and a complex narrative. The cast is one of the best of the decade, its very large, but they all play their part so damn well! It is utterly impossible to not watch this movie and be on the edge of your seat for damn near the whole movie! Crime movies come and go, but The Departed is easily one of the best of modern times, a must see!

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  1. This, along with the original, are on my Bucket-List. I need to get around to seeing them sometime.


    1. Oh this definitely is a must see, the acting is all great of course and its exciting! I wasn't a HUGE fan of the original, but it has its moments. Definitely make this one the priority of the two. Mark Walhberg is awesome as the tough guy, small role, but awesome!

  2. This is one of my all time favorites. I saw it when I was too young and was really turned off by the consistent language but I watched it again later in my life and was blown away. Such a fun, riveting film.

    Great review.

    1. Yeah this is an amazing movie, the cast is amazing! Yeah the language can be rough, especially Mark Wahlberg haha, but his delivery is hilarious! I definitely agree, it's super exciting, I love it! Thanks Jordan!


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